Privacy Policy

Dear Client,

pursuant to art. 13 of legislative decree n. 196/2003 (hereafter the Code), and in relation to the personal data which AVHIL ITALY SRL will come into possession of via your order(s), we would like to notify you of the following:

1. Purposes of Data Processing.
Processing is only intended for the correct and complete execution of the order received, from every angle and aspect (from classification, billing, and anything else).

2. Data processing methods.
Processing is performed using the transactions or series of transactions listed in Art. 4 c. 1 letter. a) of the Code: collection, recording, organization, storing, retrieval, processing, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, cancellation and data distribution. Data can be processed using electronic or automated resources. In any case, it is performed by the data controller and/or persons in charge of the processing, in accordance with the statutory requirements and guidance of the Security Policy Document adopted pursuant to art. 34 letter. g) of the Code.

3. Provision of data
The provision of ordinary, sensitive and legal data is strictly necessary for the performance of activities referred to in point 1.

4. Refusal to provide data.
Any refusal by the individual to provide personal data in the case referred to above will make it impossible to perform the activities referred to in Point 1

5. Communication of data
Personal data may be disclosed to persons in charge of processing and for the purposes of paragraph 1 may be disclosed to external collaborators, and/or operators involved in the trade and manufacturing industry, and, in general, all those public and private parties to whom communication is necessary for the proper fulfillment of the purposes mentioned in paragraph 1.

6. Disclosure of data.
The personal data are not subject to dissemination.

7. Transfer of data overseas
Personal data may be transferred to EU countries and third countries for the purposes of paragraph 1.

8. Rights of the data subject Article.
7 of the Code gives the data subject the exercise of certain rights, including the right to obtain from the data controller confirmation of the existence or not of their personal data and their provision in an intelligible form. The data subject is entitled to know about the origin of the data, the purpose and method of processing, the logic applied to the processing, the full details of the data controller and operators to whom the data may be communicated; further, the data subject is entitled to obtain the updating, correction and integration of the data, the cancellation, transformation into an anonymous format or the blocking of the data processed in violation of the law; with legitimate cause, the data subject is entitled to dispute the data processing.

9. Data controller
The data controller is Mr. Massimo Rinaldi, in his capacity as legal representative of the company, with an address at the company itself.

Since the company AVHIL ITALIA SRL is by law obliged to fully comply with the regulations of Legislative Decree no. 56/2004 and its implementing Regulation No. 141/06, the client must, if the legal prerequisites are in place, supply the data and information allowing them to be identified in a definite way as well as, in writing and with full responsibility, third parties in the name of whom and on behalf of whom they act, providing the company with supporting evidence of the power of attorney. Any refusal to provide data, information and these documents will make it impossible for the firm to accept the assignment and/or order. Any reluctance or falsehood will involve the order being waived.

The data will be processed for the purposes envisaged by the national legislation of the Directive 2001/97 / EC, so the company may make use of an external service centre for running and managing the Unique Archive: in such a case, the processing managers of said structures will ensure logical distinction and physical separation of the data collected, for each data controller, also with regards to the staff charged with processing and complyingwith the archives’ security measures. In compliance with art. 8, paragraph 2 letter. a) of the Code concerning the protection of personal data, the rights of access to data by those concerned by a request will be denied if the processing is conducted according to the provisions of the l. 197/91.